AI tools like ChatGPT can write essays fast. This raises questions about old ways of teaching. Some schools block the AI.

How is AI changing school?

Students use ChatGPT to cheat on essays. But it's hard to know if an essay is by AI or a human. Many students admit to cheating with AI.

AI writing isn't very creative yet. But many think students will use AI as a normal tool.  Teachers are changing how they teach writing.

It can do math, science and coding homework too. But it can also help students learn.

Students use AI to make study guides and fix grammar. It can tutor students for free. 

Teachers use AI for lesson plans and grading. It gives students personalized help. 

How can AI help teachers?

Some schools block AI on their WiFi. Others warn it's like plagiarism. But many students still use it.

What next for AI in school?

AI will keep improving. Schools need to adapt teaching methods.  More changes will come in the future.

Teachers and experts argue about AI.  Some see huge benefits.  OThe debate goes on.