ChatGPT's future in doubt

A new report suggests ChatGPT could go out of business by end of 2024 due to decreasing users and losses.

ChatGPT became the fastest growing platform ever after launching in Nov 2022. Millions used the AI chatbot.

But data shows ChatGPT users dropped in June and July vs May. Traffic fell almost 10% both months.

Reports say running ChatGPT costs $700K daily. OpenAI needs more funding to cover these costs.

OpenAI continues working on upgrades, filing new trademarks. But costs threaten its future.

Tough competition emerging

OpenAI also faces fresh competition from Apple and Elon Musk's xAI startup.

OpenAI was nonprofit but is now "capped profit." Its goals can clash with investors.

The CEO says no IPO plans now due to AI decisions conflicting with investors.

Despite its huge impact, doubts remain on ChatGPT's viability and OpenAI's financing.