Chat with Jesus through a new app

An app called Text With Jesus lets you chat with Jesus and other Bible figures. It uses AI to pretend to be the characters.

The app creator and how it works

The app was made by a company in LA. The AI is told "You are Jesus" so it answers like Jesus. Bible verses are included.

The creator had made a basic Jesus app before. ChatGPT gave him the idea to make it interactive.

Who you can chat with

You can chat with Jesus, Mary, the apostles, prophets, and more. Some figures need the paid version.

The AI is trained to respond biblically. It aims to stick to tradition and include Bible verses.

Feedback from church leaders

Some church leaders complained Jesus sounded uptight. But overall they gave good feedback after changes.

What you can ask Jesus

You can ask Jesus anything - advice, theology questions, biblical stories. His answers aim to be inclusive.

On same-sex marriage Jesus encourages love and respect. On feminism he supports empowering women.

Chats are stored temporarily so the AI can converse. No user data is kept after that.

Many on Twitter criticized the app as blasphemous. But the creator says it explores scripture.

A new way to engage with faith

While controversial, the app provides a modern way to interact with biblical figures.